Solution features.

Since the project inception, we have been very focused on the product quality and sensitive to the
variety of customer needs.

  • The project has been done in cooperation and under the supervision of SAP AG.

  • The project is being done cooperating with the State Tax Inspectorate of Lithuania

  • The solution is SAP-based and works as an add-on to SAP ECC

  • The solution is able to handle big loads of data. 

  • The security uses all SAP security features

  • The solution works on all SAP ECC versions including S4Hana

  • A unique and SAP registered name space is used to avoid object collisions during the implementation

  • The implementation is done by importing the SAP transports into your ERP system

  • Flexible implementation models and role-sharing between Innoforce and the Customer are possible

  • One year warranty is provided

  • The annual support is available which covers all new changes in the SAFT specification as well as problem resolutions.


 SAF-T Generation Steps
Scalability features
  • System code for data extraction and file generation is optimized

  • Data extraction and file generation can be done in the background like for many SAP programs

  • File splitting is possible by periods, by data type and technically.