We are providing full implementation of the solution:

  • Customizing the initial settings

  • Testing the file generation

  • Testing file content against the data in SAP

  • Developing required addition features and add-ons

  • Providing advice and guidance for further use of the SAF-T solution


If you have problems with SAF-T or i.SAF file generation at some point of time we will solve them for you.
If the legal requirements change and there would be a modifications in the SAF-T or i.SAF specifications we will adapt to those changes and send a new version.

If you need to add a customization to the current solution we will make a user exit in the required place.

•Logistics and Distribution



•Building and Construction Material Manufacturing

•Information Technology

•Gas and Oil

•Engineering Services and Support




Industries served


If you decide to implement the solution completely on your own, you can do so! You will require extra time to learn how to do this. But a number of customers has done it. We will provide you the solution, the leading documentation and assure the legal licensing. Our license allows you to modify the application code to suite your needs!